ForWarn Team Chief's Honor Award
Forest Service Chief Tom Tidwell's Award Ceremony
March 18, 2014 - Washington, DC

The ForWarn Team was honored to be selected to receive the Chief's Honor Award for 2013 from Forest Service Chief Tom Tidwell, for "Sustaining and Preserving the Nation's Forests and Grasslands."
Bill Hargrove received the award on behalf of the entire ForWarn Team.
Each of the ForWarn Team members, across four different Government Agencies,
received a special carved puzzle cube bearing five Forest Service logos and etched with the ForWarn Project Name on a separate, free-floating contained internal piece.
The ForWarn Team also received a bowl with cedar stand carved in-the-rough from a single piece of salvaged hardwood.

For additional information contact:

William W. Hargrove
Eastern Forest Environmental Threat Assessment Center
USDA Forest Service
Southern Research Station
200 WT Weaver Boulevard
Asheville, NC 28804-3454
(828) 257-4846
(865) 235-4753 (cell)
(828) 257-4313 (fax)

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