Turing Test of Fractal Landscape Realizer

Background Information

Your name will be held in strictest confidence.

Rate your expertise with landscape patterns via professional experience with remote sensing, maps, GIS, aerial imagery.

Rate your expertise with synthetic or real landscape patterns via professional experience with landscape ecology, spatial simulations, cellular automata, fractals.

Concise Instructions

Color Map

The color map, shown above, contains 10 individual earth tones which will be used on the maps in the Turing Test of the Fractal Realizer. If you cannot see 10 individual colors in the image above (i.e., 9 colored blocks and 1 color framing the blocks), your browser is not able to obtain enough colors and you should not take the test. Try exiting any other applications which use screen colors and restart your browser.

You are to make your selections on the basis of the patterns alone; therefore, no information about the empirical maps will be provided before the test about land cover types, scale, etc. The map colors are earth tones chosen to avoid the suggestion of particular actual land uses or cover types.

In the test, one member of each pair of maps is real and has been clipped from an actual map. The other is synthetic, and has been generated in real time using the Fractal Realizer. Please choose the landscape map that you think is real.

You may use the BACK button on your browser to go back to any previous pair, but if a new choice is made, you will have to repeat pairs made after that change. When you have completed the last pair, your answers will be saved and scored.