List of 17 Variables Used for MSTC Analysis
of Tree Species Range Shifts Under Climatic Change
Using Elevation

Var #Var NameVariable Description
1.globe_ppthqtr*Precipitation during the hottest quarter
2.globe_pptfqtr*Precipitation during the coldest quarter
3.globe_pptdqtrPrecipitation during the driest quarter
4.globe_pptwqtrPrecipitation during the wettest quarter
5.global_pptpetRatio of precipitation to potential evapotranspiration
6.globe_tmnqtrTemperature during the coldest quarter
7.globe_tmxqtrTemperature during the hottest quarter
8.global_biohSum of monthly Tavg where Tavg >=5 deg C
9.global_bioi*Integer number of consecutive months where
Tavg >= 5 deg C (Length of potential growing season)
10.pawc2minAvailable water holding capacity of soil
11.bulk2minBulk density of soil
12.carb2minCarbon content of soil
13.nitro2minNitrogen content of soil
14.global_ctiCompound topographic index (relative wetness)
15.solarintSolar interception
16.globe_diurnalDay/night diurnal temperature difference
17.gc_elevationElevation (not used in our noelev clustering)

* added in dynglob3 clustering to prevent corn growth around Baffin Bay